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Lead Lined Gypsum Board for Radiation Shielding

Specifications CSI134900          Gypsum Board Installation Instructions

Lead Lined Drywall/Sheetrock

Santa Rosa manufactures lead-lined gypsum board - drywall to CSI 134900 Specifications:    Download Specifications CSI 134900 - Radiation Shielding

Our gypsum board for Radiation Shielding is supplied either as 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch thicknesses, standard 48 in width..
Panels meets type “X” fire code gypsum board classification ASTM C 1396.
The gypsum wall board is backed with a continuous piece pure rolled lead sheet made to Federal Specification QQ-L-201 F.
The lead sheet is laminated in the factory to the back side of the wallboard panels.

48 inch Lead Lined Gypsum Board

48 Inch lead lined gypsum board
• Single unpierced layer of sheet lead
• Lead Lined Sheet is flush with the edge

UL Classified48 inch lead lined gypsum biard with mounting in place

• 2” Lead Batten Strips included for installation
• Uses Type S Bugle Head screw fasteners

Board sizes:

  • 4 ft X 8 ft
  • 4 ft X 9 ft
  • 4 ft x 10 ft
  • 4 ft x 12 ft

* Lead Sheet Thickness

  • 1/32 in
  • 3/64 in
  • 1/16 in
  • 3/32 in
  • 1/8 in

Board Thicknesses

  • 1/2 inch
  • 5/8 inch


  • Lead discs for screw penetrations
  • Lead Strip
  • Lead Sheet
  • Lead Corners

*Lead Sheet thickness to be determined based upon anticipated radiation levels in your construction.

Lead backed gypsum board

Installation Lead lined gypsum board should be fastened to support studs every 12 inches horizontally & every 8 inches vertically. 2 inch lead strips should be glued on each of the support wall studs, to make sure there is overlap at all joints.
Other consideration include include lead discs for screw penetrations as well as sheet lead for the backing and shielding of cut-outs for electrical, plumbing, medical gas or other penetrations as well as lead corners(available from Santa Rosa Lead Products).

Lead Tape For Gypsum Board Installations
Self-adhering lead tape (permanent adhesive) for sealing between and around our lead lined gypsum board.

Lead Tape For Radiation Shielding

Download PDFDownload Specification Drawing
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